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Leadership Development 
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Welcome to TaterChat

Your Gateway to Transformational Leadership

At TaterChat, we believe that great leaders are made, not born. Our journey in leadership development is rooted in the philosophy that with the right guidance, anyone can develop essential leadership traits and skills. We specialize in fostering empowering leadership, enabling individuals to navigate the complexities of modern organizational landscapes with confidence and competence.


Our approach combines cutting-edge emotional intelligence training and soft skill development with comprehensive personality assessments to create a holistic development experience. Whether you're an aspiring leader or looking to elevate your existing leadership abilities, our bespoke programs are designed to unlock your full potential.


Join us in redefining leadership for the 21st century – where empowerment, emotional intelligence, and a robust skill set pave the way for success and innovation.


Our Services

TaterChat leadership development class

We Offer Leadership Development Workshops, Seminars and Public Speaking

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We offer Professional Development Assessments 

Adaptable Gen X, Y, & Z professionals in a roundtable, collaboratively sharing ideas and experiences leadership training

Engage in Our Interactive Team Training Sessions

TaterChat government contracting session

We Provide Strategic Consultations for Government Contracting

Why People Love TaterChat

“Mr. Doxtater went above and beyond to create a virtual training opportunity that suited our needs, and his team delivered it so that it would work for our time zone and the dates we had available."

Chris Bridges, Employment Program Manager

"Exceptional and outstanding program. I thoroughly enjoyed it while learning. Highly recommended for people who want to explore his/her hidden treasures”.


Dorion S. Germany COL, JA

"Good morning Mr. Doxtater, thank you for this and for facilitating the course. My Airman enjoyed her time in your classroom, and she brought back some skills that she is now using in our clinic."

 Paula J. Rangel, SSgt USAF

"Thanks for hosting a great workshop and coordinating it.  I have received positive comments from my workforce who attended.  I will look forward to the next classes offered for some of my other employees."

Ruth Brock, Director, Logistics Readiness Center, Ansbach Germany 

“The training exceeded my expectations."


Richard Williams Jr -
Marketing Director, Wiesbaden

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