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Intentional Living Lessons from Miyamoto Musashi's Wisdom

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Every sunrise presents a fresh opportunity to seek inspiration and purpose. On one such morning, I chanced upon the profound teachings of Miyamoto Musashi, the iconic Japanese swordsman of the Edo period. Beyond his legendary martial artistry, Musashi was a deep thinker and a devout Buddhist, imparting timeless lessons on self-discipline.

His insights struck a chord, echoing the daily battles we all face in upholding self-discipline.

Here's a glimpse into his wisdom and my thoughts/experiences:

1. Embrace the Present: Life is unpredictable. When I hung up my Army boots, I dreamt of a new chapter as a financial advisor. But the unpredictability of life, like a market crash, made me rethink. Instead of despairing, I channeled my skills towards becoming a facilitator, finding joy in adding value to people. This turning point was significant in my intentional living lessons journey.

2. Seek Meaningful Experiences: It's easy to get lost in fleeting pleasures. Remembering my weekends lost to TV marathons, I decided to change. Tasked with crafting a 40-hour leadership program, I dove deep into workshops and self-learning. This journey not only expanded my worldview but also touched countless lives. These experiences are pillars in my understanding of intentional living lessons.

3. Trust Your Instincts: Doubt can be paralyzing. Over the years, my entrepreneurial ventures have taught me the value of trusting my gut. Balancing my dedication to service to our nation, I ventured into a learning company. The journey might be slow, but the vision of making a difference inspires me.

4. Look Beyond Yourself: Our actions ripple out into the world. A trip to South Korea decades ago was a revelation. Tasked with aiding a community post-flood, I realized the profound impact of collective effort. That transformative experience, still fresh after 40 years, reminds us that we can be agents of positive change.

5. Free Yourself from Attachments: Holding on too tight can be stifling. In my mind, success, and a myriad of other things I attached myself to had deadlines. But life's twists and turns in recent years have taught me to let go of rigid timelines, allowing me to savor my life's journey and its unexpected challenges. I have never felt freer today than I have during my entire 60-year life span. Learning to let go is an essential part of intentional living lessons.

Living with intention and discipline isn't a one-time act; it's a daily endeavor. It's about setting our sights on our goals and living a life filled with purpose. I aspire every day I wake up to be inspired, to learn and grow, and to find ways to add value to others in my life. It's simple, but it's not always easy. I remain steadfast and each time I fall I get up and when the sunrises, we all get another chance to fulfill our life's purpose.

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A depiction of an individual learning intentional living lessons, inspired by Miyamoto Musashi, with elements of mindfulness and discipline


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