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Camp Parks Levels up Their Leadership Development Through Influence

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Professional development is a continuous journey, and Camp Parks teammates committed themselves to take that journey to new heights. In a transformative workshop, the leaders and participants dove into the principles of influence and leadership by exploring 4 out of the 5 levels of Maxwell's leadership.

The session kicked off with the first level, Position, where the participants were encouraged to reflect on their authority and responsibility. Through engaging discussions, they unraveled how their roles within the organization shape their ability to lead.

Moving on to Permission, the second level, they explored the significance of relationship-building in leadership. The room filled with insights and personal stories as participants shared their experiences on how trust and empathy play a vital role in connecting with others.

The third level, Production, turned the spotlight on achieving results and effectiveness. Here, the leaders at Camp Parks underscored the importance of not only achieving personal goals but fostering team success, creating a ripple effect that empowers everyone involved.

The fourth level, People Development, was all about nurturing talent and helping others grow. Participants exchanged stories and strategies on mentorship and supporting others' growth paths, embodying the very essence of positive influence.

Interspersed with these thought-provoking discussions was a spirited competition of paper, scissors, rock. This light-hearted game served as a metaphorical reminder that leadership often involves quick decision-making and adaptability, much like the split-second choices made during the game.

These discussions were more than theoretical musings; they were reflective moments that brought out real-life experiences from participants. Everyone left the room with valuable takeaways and actionable strategies that they could apply to become better influencers in their lives.

The success of this event at Camp Parks is a testament to the power of intentional leadership development. By focusing on real experiences and human connections, the workshop was a vibrant space of learning, growth, and empowerment. And most importantly, it has set the stage for even more growth and influence in the future.

Leadership Development at Camp Parks - Engaging in Maxwell's Levels of Influence

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