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Part 1: Do You Dislike Small Talk? You Might Be an Introvert!

Updated: Jun 12

Hello friends,

You might be an introvert if you find that being around many people drains your energy. You prefer solitude to recharge and enjoy deep connections with a few rather than superficial interactions with many. Introversion is a personality trait where internal feelings are often the focus rather than external stimuli, and it's not synonymous with being shy or socially anxious. Genetics and life experiences can also influence one's introverted nature.


Have you ever felt uneasy about small talk, preferring deep conversations or the solace of your thoughts? If so, you might be an introvert, just like me but I am also a practicing extrovert, wow what demanding work! Let me share three reasons why you might identify as an introvert.

 1. We Dislike Small Talk


Small talk often feels superficial and exhausting. As introverts, we crave meaningful and deep conversations rather than engage in fleeting exchanges about the weather or other trivial matters. This preference for depth over breadth in social interactions is a hallmark of introversion.


Personal Experience: I vividly remember attending a large networking lunch event with the Chamber of Commerce recently. While many others effortlessly mingled, I sought refuge in quieter corners. Engaging in small talk felt draining, and I longed for deeper conversations about topics that truly mattered to me.

2. We're Always Mentally Processing


Introverts are known for their rich inner lives and constant mental processing. Whether analyzing past events, pondering future possibilities, or simply reflecting on the day, we often find ourselves lost in thought. This tendency to process information deeply can make us seem quiet or reserved.


Personal Experience: During meetings, I often think deeply and mentally process the discussion. While my colleagues might view my silence as disengagement, it is the opposite—I am considering every aspect of the conversation to provide thoughtful input.

3. We Love Our Quiet Space


Quiet spaces are a sanctuary for introverts. We often need time alone to recharge after social interactions. Whether it is curling up with an enjoyable book, taking a solitary walk, or simply enjoying the silence, we find peace and rejuvenation in our own company.


Personal Experience: My favorite part of the day is the hour I spend alone each morning, sipping coffee and reading. This quiet time allows me to gather my thoughts and prepare for the day ahead. Without it, I feel out of balance and overwhelmed.

Embracing Introversion

Recognizing these traits can help us better understand and embrace our introversion. It is important to remember that being an introvert is not about being antisocial or shy; it is about where we draw our energy. Embrace your preference for deep conversations, value your reflective nature, and cherish your quiet moments.



If you resonate with these three reasons, you are an introvert. Celebrate your unique qualities and use them to your advantage personally and professionally. Introverts bring depth, thoughtfulness, and a unique perspective to the world.


Do you identify with these traits? Please share your experiences on how you embrace introversion.


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Stay connected and stay true to yourself!

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