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Unlock the Power of Personalities: True Colors Personality




4 hours

About the Workshop

Dive into the fascinating world of personality typologies with our True Colors workshop, based on the acclaimed communication model by True Colors International. This model simplifies complex temperament theories into four distinct color-coded personality types, offering a unique and engaging way to understand ourselves and others.

What You'll Gain:

  • Discover Your True Color Spectrum: Engage in activities to identify your own True Color, unveiling the nuances of your personality.

  • Graph Your Personality Spectrum: Visualize your personality traits through a personalized spectrum graph.

  • Interactive Personality Discussions: Share and explore different personality types with your teammates in an open and insightful environment.

  • Reframe Your Perspective: Learn to appreciate and understand the diverse personalities around you.

  • Insights into Human Behavior: Discuss the reasons behind different actions and behaviors, fostering deeper empathy and communication skills.


This workshop is perfect for teams looking to enhance their understanding of each other and improve communication dynamics. Whether you're a manager, team member, or individual seeking personal growth, this workshop offers valuable insights into the colorful spectrum of human personalities.


Workshop Experience:

  • Format: Available both in-person and virtually. For an optimal learning experience, we recommend the in-person format.

  • Duration: A comprehensive 4-hour workshop.

  • Class Size: Limited to 16-20 participants, ensuring an intimate and interactive setting.


Join us and transform the way you interact and communicate. Register now for an enlightening journey into the world of True Colors!

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