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 TaterChat Founder

Throughout my career, I've been dedicated to the principles of leadership development, educational excellence, and strategic program management, primarily within the demanding context of military operations and training environments. My journey has taken me from the front lines of instructional delivery to the strategic planning rooms of the U.S. Army and educational institutions, where I've had the privilege of shaping the next generation of leaders.

As an Army civilian and the Installation Management Command College, I led groundbreaking efforts to transition traditional leadership development programs to virtual platforms, significantly expanding our reach and ensuring continuity of learning during challenging times. This initiative not only demonstrated my ability to adapt and innovate but also highlighted my commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in leadership training.

My tenure with the 8th U.S. Army G37 Training Readiness and Exercises in South Korea further exemplified my capabilities in strategic thinking and situational awareness. Here, I spearheaded the development of comprehensive training and readiness programs, directly contributing to enhanced operational effectiveness and readiness. My leadership in this role was acknowledged as transformative, with my initiatives leading to significant improvements in training outcomes and operational readiness.

Throughout my roles, I've consistently leveraged my expertise in instructional design, classroom management, and formative assessment to develop and deliver training programs that address the complex needs of today's leaders. My work has been characterized by a deep understanding of the nuances of leadership in high-stakes environments and a relentless pursuit of excellence in educational outcomes.

As I continue to evolve in my career, I remain deeply committed to the development of leaders who are not only tactically and technically proficient but also capable of navigating the complexities of modern governance and administration. My journey is a testament to the power of education, leadership, and strategic foresight in shaping the future of organizations and communities.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower professionals to unleash their talents and ascend in their careers, our leadership training thrives on challenge-based adult learning. We cultivate deep self-awareness and practical skills, guided by our core values: Together, we're not just building skills – we're shaping futures.

Our Vision

We envision a world where the strength of family and community bonds fuels transformative leadership and continuous personal growth. We see a future where individuals lead with authenticity and profound self-understanding, collaboratively shaping a brighter, more unified tomorrow.



The Heart of Our Mission is LEARNING

LeadInspire and Influence; Lead by inspiring and positively influencing others, setting a standard of excellence and integrity.


Empower: Enable and Support; Empower individuals by providing the tools, support, and confidence they need to succeed.


Authenticity: Embrace and Express; Authentically embrace and express your true self, fostering an environment of transparency and trust.


Relate: Connect and Cherish; Relate by building meaningful connections and cherishing both personal and professional relationships.


Nourish: Understand and Grow; Nourish personal and professional growth through deep self-understanding and continuous learning.


Inspire: Ignite and Elevate; Inspire by igniting passion and creativity, elevating ideas and aspirations.

Network: Connect and Collaborate; Network by connecting diverse individuals and fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual support.


Grow: Evolve and Excel; Grow by embracing change, continuously evolving and striving for excellence in all endeavors.

What Makes Us Different?


Emphasis on Family and Community Bonds


Challenge-Based Adult Learning Model


Holistic Approach to Authentic Leadership



Integration of Core Values in Service Delivery


Continuous Personal and Professional Growth


Community Collaboration and Networking


Tailored Experiential Learning Opportunities


Commitment to Transformational Change

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