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Our Journey of Success

TaterChat boasts over 40 years of experience in training and leadership development. Our extensive work includes engagements with the Installation Management Command, impacting 42 sites globally and reaching over 4700 employees. Additionally, TaterChat has been featured in speaking engagements at various esteemed organizations, including the Alamo Federal Executive Board, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Education. 

Working With Our Nation's Finest

Introverted Leaders

Our Happy Clients

“Exceptional and outstanding program. I thoroughly enjoyed it while learning. Highly recommended for people who want to explore his/her hidden treasures.”

Dorion S., Germany COL, JA

"I have picked up some things that I will use in my future trainings. You have a style that keeps everyone engaged and ask the right questions to facilitate discussion. The first class I took was Attitude and Trust and I spent a lot of time studying your facilitation style. I think you have the best job in the Army and hope you continue to educate others."


“Very well organized and presented exceedingly helpful in providing insights to increased self-awareness.”


“Thank you. You guys did an excellent job with the delivery, engagement, and having some interesting conversations. I appreciate what you guys are doing through these courses.”


"Thanks for hosting a great workshop and coordinating it. I have received positive
comments from my workforce who attended. I will look forward to the next classes offered for some of my other employees."

Ruth Brock, Director, Logistics Readiness Center, Ansbach April 2021

“Thank you for this and for facilitating the course. My airman enjoyed her time in your classroom, and she brought back some skills that she is now using at the front desk in our clinic."

V/R Paula J. Rangel,


“This course should be a requirement for all employees and supervisors, these topics need to be practiced by the entire command.”


“Once again, thank you for a very meaningful and powerful training last week.”


“The training exceeded my expectations."

Richard Williams Jr., Marketing Director, Wiesbaden

“Excellent course. Instructors did an awesome job assuring students understood content and participated, taking students out of their comfort zone, but appreciated afterwards.”


“The course is good because it teaches you how to express your concerns and avoid damaging relationships, decreasing anxiety, jumping to conclusions, saving wasted energy on unnecessary emotions like anger and damaging egos.”


“I feel that I have received value from this training. I have been in the government for more than 15 years and this by far one of the best training that I have attended.”


"I spent Saturday morning talking about the training with my spouse over coffee. I also had her do the colors quiz. It was a good training and believe it will and has already helped me a great deal. Thank you!”


“This course should be taught to all IMCOM employees and supervisors. It will help with communication.”


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