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Effective Communication Skills Videos

The Key to Powerful Leadership Communication | Bluepoint Leadership Development

Discover a fresh perspective on leadership communication in this video featuring Gregg Thompson, President of Bluepoint Leadership Development. Moving beyond the traditional role of information brokers, this video explores how true leadership involves providing meaning and perspective. Thompson debunks common myths about communication, distinguishes between leadership and management communication, and unveils three key dimensions that enable leaders to make a real impact with their words. Learn how your voice can make a difference when you embrace the essence of leadership communication.

The Art of Effective Communication | TEDxTalk

Join Marcus Alexander Velazquez, a multi-talented public speaker and mental health advocate, in his presentation aimed at revolutionizing your communication methods. This session is designed to help you save time and emotional energy while increasing the effectiveness of your communication. Drawing from his diverse background and personal experiences, Velazquez offers unique insights to help you communicate more efficiently and meaningfully. His approach promises to conserve your greatest asset—time—by harnessing the power of effective communication. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from his journey and expertise.

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