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Emotional Intelligence Videos

Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great | UCDavis

Jump into the world of emotional intelligence (EQ) with this enlightening talk, where the speaker shares insights on self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and more. Through engaging anecdotes, including a conversation with his daughter, he unravels the importance of EQ in leadership. Learn the significance of understanding and managing your emotions and those of others, and explore practical steps to enhance your EQ. This talk promises to equip you with essential skills to become a more effective, empathetic leader.

How Emotional Intelligence Makes Leaders More Impactful | TEDx Talks

The performance of a leader and their team is intimately linked to their Emotional Intelligence. Since our decisions are influenced by emotions, it's crucial to actively manage these emotions to attain desired outcomes. In this video, Gemma explores the vital role managers play in fostering open communication and establishing a conducive environment for team members to express their emotions.

How Emotional Intelligence Makes Leaders More Impactful
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