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Mastering The Art of Feedback: Give and Receive



4 hours

About the Workshop

Elevate your feedback skills with our comprehensive workshop, "Mastering The Art of Feedback: Give and Receive." This program is meticulously structured to foster an understanding and practical application of feedback in professional and personal settings.

What You Will Learn:

  • Icebreaker Introduction: Start with an icebreaker to establish an open, comfortable environment for all participants.

  • Understanding Feedback Types: Gain insights into the different types of feedback and their specific uses through an informative presentation.

  • Group Discussion on Experiences: Share and learn from past experiences with feedback in a guided group discussion, identifying common challenges and opportunities.

  • Giving Constructive Feedback: Learn the principles of delivering constructive feedback through interactive sessions, including role-playing exercises that simulate real-life scenarios.

  • Receiving Feedback Gracefully: Explore strategies for accepting feedback gracefully, with exercises designed to practice and refine your response to feedback.

  • Personal Action Plans: Develop personalized action plans to apply your new feedback skills effectively in your daily interactions.

  • Workshop Feedback Session: Contribute to the workshop's continuous improvement by providing your feedback on the session, ensuring a cyclic learning experience.

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to improve their ability to communicate feedback constructively, including managers, team leaders, and individual contributors across industries.

Workshop Experience:

  • Format: This dynamic workshop is offered both online and in-person, providing flexible options to suit your learning preference.

  • Duration: A half-day session designed to immerse participants in the process of mastering feedback skills, from theory to practice.

Participate in "Mastering The Art of Feedback: Give and Receive" to revolutionize your communication skills, foster better relationships, and drive personal and professional development. Register now to start your journey towards effective feedback mastery.

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